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More than 380 Lebanese and 42 Israelis have died in nearly two weeks of conflict in Lebanon, which began after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid on 12 July.
Although The Israelis said that they had no intention to hold land, Mr Peretz said a zone in southern Lebanon would be maintained "under the control of our forces if there is not a multinational force". An unnamed Israeli official quoted by Reuters news agency said between 10,000 and 20,000 international peacekeepers would be needed. Ms Rice arrived in Israel from Beirut, where she met Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. She said: "It is time for a new Middle East, it is time to say to those who do not want a different kind of Middle East that we will prevail; they will not." So, what did she mean by WE? Are the United States taking sides in this conflict? My guess is that they never forgot the bombing of US Marine base back in 1983 which was described as a largest non nuclear bomb blast since Hiroshima. (In June 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon, and US Marines were sent to Lebanon as a peacekeeping force in September 1982. On April 18, 1983, the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, is bombed by a suicide truck attack, killing 63 people. On October 23, 1983, a Marine barracks in Beirut is bombed by another suicide truck attack, killing 241 Marines. In February 1984, the US military will depart Lebanon. The radical militant group Islamic Jihad will take credit for both attacks. This group is led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, who will later become the number two leader in al-Qaeda. However, many believe Hezbollah is involved in the attacks. The Beirut bombings will also inspire bin Laden to believe that the US can be defeated by suicide attacks. For instance, he will say in a 1998 interview, “We have seen in the last decade the decline of the American government and the weakness of the American soldier who is ready to wage Cold Wars and unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut when the Marines fled after two explosions.”) So they need an excuse to come back.
In the meantime, Israel continues to pound Beirut, devastating whole building blocks and making it impossible for refugees to come back. US are giving Israel more time to “finish the job” because they are not ready yet to press for cease fire… So whose war is this and who’s fighting whom and are the Americans really the peace keepers or the wolf in the sheep skin?

Israel feels that the world gave it a green light for offensive in Lebanon after the failure of the Roman summit. If they are right than the world sucks. Israelis deliberately targeted the UN watch post killing 4 peacekeepers just to show the world they can and that the peace is 6 feet under. Smashing multy-story buildings to the ground is not going to help war against terrorism, the Hezbollah will only grow stronger and the terrorism will expand. Al-Qaeda No.2 sent a new threat to Israel and its allies saying that Al-Qaeda will not sit and watch the mindless destruction of Lebanon. This time the video was not taken in some cave but rather in some big TV studio sending a clear message that this terrorist movement is evolving and growing stronger, moving out of their hideouts.
Anger among the Muslims around the world is building up and who can blame them for seeing this war as a new crusade and in fact as war against the Muslims in general. In meantime the human tragedy behind the story is turning into catastrophe of biblical scale and behind the numbers there are real people’s lives torn apart…They say the cause is worthy and everybody’s gone to war, this planet is turnin into crap, we all see it and like don’t give a shit about it. Hello, is anybody out there? Wake up or die! Our leaders can all go to hell if they want to but why take the rest of us with them?

TYRE, Lebanon (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike leveled a four-story residential building used as a shelter by refugees in the southern Lebanese town of Qana early Sunday, killing and wounding as many as 65 people, half of them children, a Lebanese emergency official said.
The IDF said the neighborhood bombed was a launching ground for Hezbollah rockets aimed at Israel and that residents had been warned by radio announcements and leaflets dropped from the air to leave because it was a combat area.

Lebanese army sources said the building sheltered about 60 people, mostly women and children.Video broadcast by Arab TV showed the limp and bloodied bodies of woman and children who appeared to be wearing night clothes. Many of these bodies were under rubble in the basement of the building.Red Cross worker Sami Yazbak, who was helping to pull bodies from the building, said many of the children who were sleeping inside were handicapped.
Qana, 10 miles east of the southern Lebanese coastal city of Tyre, was the location of an attack by Israeli forces 10 years ago in which more than 100 Lebanese refugees were killed. On April 18, 1996, Israeli artillery pounded a U.N. center crowded with civilians. Israel later said the attack was a mistake. At that time, Israel accused Hezbollah militants of hiding behind civilians.
Condi Rice hit a wall in her diplomacy, after the attack on Qana. Rice called for an immediate ceasefire. "There is no place on this sad morning for any discussion other than an immediate and unconditional ceasefire as well as an international investigation into the Israeli massacres in Lebanon now," Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora told a news conference in Beirut.
After the announcement, Rice cancelled her planned visit.
Earlier Israel has rejected UN proposal for 3-day ceasefire.
Around 500 protesters in Beirut stormed a UN building destroying its courtyard, and much of the interior on the ground floor. UN staff was hiding in basement during the attack. Protesters shouting slogans in support of Hezbollah and against Israeli war campaign, pushed trough destroying offices.

Lebanon's coastline could take up to 10 years to recover from a massive oil spill, the nation's environment minister has said. The oil slick caused by Israeli bombing of a power station, 12,000 tonnes of leaking oil had already polluted more than 140km of the Lebanese coast and spread north into Syrian waters. Marine experts from Inforac, an organisation with links to the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep), issued a warning on Tuesday that the raid on the Jiyyeh Power plant in mid-July could pose a cancer risk to people living in the area. The experts warned that the first people at risk from the "toxic spray" were the two million inhabitants of Beirut. They also said that large quantities of dead fish along Lebanon's shores had been killed by the oil pollution. The Jiyyeh plant was bombed by Israel on July 14 and July 15, a few days into its offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon.


The Lebanese prime minister has said more than 900 people have been killed and 3,000 injured in Israeli attacks since the crisis in Lebanon began three weeks ago. Fuad Siniora said one million people - a quarter of the population - had been displaced by the fighting. Lebanese security sources also said 80 Hezbollah fighters had been killed during the crisis, Israel put the number at 300. Nineteen Israeli civilians have died during rocket attacks in the last three weeks. The death brought to 37 the number of Israeli troops killed in 23 days of fighting. The number of unburied corpses has risen so dramatically in recent weeks that local religious leaders permited corpses to be buried in temporary sites, mass graves prepared by the Lebanese army.

Islamic fascists have planned a plot against the freedom loving people in America and UK to blow up their planes with a new terror bomb made up of baby food, but thanks to an English secret agent, (Austin Powers) major terrorist scheme was uncovered overnight. Parents had to try some of their baby food (milk and that nasty slime) before entering the planes. 24 people were arrested (Islamic fascists born in UK) and thanks to God, nothing happened during the uncovering.
GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (CNN) -- President Bush said Thursday that an uncovered British terror plot to blow up planes flying to the United States was further proof "that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists."
"This country is safer than it was prior to 9/11," Bush said. "We've taken a lot of measures to protect the American people. But obviously we still aren't completely safe, because there are people that still plot and people who want to harm us for what we believe in." (Bush's use of the term "Islamic fascists" was criticized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.) "On a day when American authorities are working with our allies to stop a global terror plot, instead of focusing on political attacks, we should focus on the fact that we are at war and need every tool to win the war on terror."

So the U.S. are in war against Islamic fascists (war against terror?) and they'll use any "tool" available to win that war and save freedom (and they do have the right tools).Two close friends had a warm conversation over the HOT RED LINE later this day…
"Let's see: Afghanistan (not it), Iraq (been there, done that), Lebanon (any time soon), Syria (definitively), Iraq (you mean Iran?), Jordan (why not?), Egypt (maybe later) we could blow up the pyramids, (maybe not?) we have that in Vegas (allrighty then, Libya?) Leblebon? Jews are doin' it, right? (No Mr. President, L i b y a) What? U.A.E.? Oh yeah, riiight…South Korea? There are fascists too (North Korea, yes I think they are communists rather.)…Castro, right? (Communist not a fascist) Damn. Those of us who love freedom should use nucelar attack on terror (why yes, no doubt…)...What are you wearing right now?"

Airlift Operations During the Lebanon Crisis
by Lieutenant Colonel Mark A. Olinger

Airlift of a Marine Corps battalion to Lebanon demonstrated that deploying contingency forces from the continental United States to an overseas operation was feasible and expeditious.

During the Cold War, the United States deployed its Armed Forces to support the national objectives of various countries around the globe. The majority of those operations were short in duration and occurred in underdeveloped areas of the world. Most were joint operations, and some were conducted with forces from allied nations. Nearly all of them were contingency operations in which the goals, the time available, and the operational area were limited. One such mission was Operation Bluebat, the code name for the U.S. military intervention in Lebanon in 1958. That country, which is situated between Israel and Syria, was threatened by a rebellion aimed at toppling its pro-Western government. Because the resources needed to deploy an airborne brigade were limited, Operation Bluebat was one of the most complex operations of the Cold War.

Unrest in the Middle East

In the spring of 1958, U.S. interests in the Middle East were compromised when nationalist uprisings threatened pro-Western governments. In May, troubles sprang up in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. On 14 July, King Faisal and Crown Prince Abdul Illah of Iraq were assassinated in a coup d’état led by Brigadier General Abdul Karim al’Kassim, a nationalist. At the same time, it was rumored that another coup was in the making against King Hussein of Jordan.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower, alerted U.S. forces and deployed to Europe a tactical strike force . A naval task force of 75 ships, including three aircraft carriers and two cruisers, and 45,000 men, 5,000 of whom were marines, was deployed to the Middle East from the Sixth Fleet in Italy.
The Government of Lebanon, faced with political turmoil, requested United States military intervention to prevent a collapse. The purpose of Operation Bluebat was to bolster the pro-Western government against internal opposition and threats from Syria and Egypt. The plan was to occupy and secure Beirut International Airport, a few miles south of the city, then secure the port of Beirut and the approaches to the city. A total of 3,234 personnel and more than 2,310 tons of equipment were airlifted for the Army in 242 aircraft. All operations had gone according to plan, and conditions remained stable until a new government was installed in Lebanon.

During Operation Bluebat, one U.S. soldier was killed by sniper fire and four others died in accidents during what a Pentagon spokesman told the New York Times on 16 July was “not war, but like war.”
Operation Bluebat was a nominal test of power. Because its amphibious and air landings were unopposed, the operation has been recorded in history only as a brief note.

Mideast crisis: Oil prices selling above USD 78

"Oil prices continue selling above USD 78 a barrel as violence intensifies in Middle East"
Associated Press

Oil prices hovered above USD 78 a barrel Friday, near record highs, as intensifying violence in the Middle East raised concerns of a possible disruption of oil supply.

Middle East Crisis: US Fails To Defend Its Interests

An escalation of violence between Israel, Hezbollah, and Hamas serves no one's interests, not even Israel's or Americas. And yet, Arabs and Muslims continue to suffer.

If destroying Hezbollah (Party of God) is Israel’s top priority, why are the innocent civilians in Lebanon being targeted? Why are the civilian convoys under fire? How can devastating the Lebanon’s infrastructure, factories, roads, bridges, TV stations, help their fight against terrorism? What message Israel is sending to the people of Lebanon and why are they being punished?

Back in the 90’s, Serbia launched a military campaign against Albanian terrorists in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija (Kosovo Polje: The Blackbird’s field (ser)) on a much smaller scale than Israel did nowadays, out of their borders. There were clashes between so called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Serbian anti terrorist forces with minimum civilian casualties or none. Villages that were being used as terrorist bases and training camps have been attacked as a legal right of every country to defend itself on its own territory. NATO reacted and took terrorist (KLA was then a terrorist group with connections with Al Qaida, according to CIA) under protection. NATO bombed Serbia for more than 70 days destroying its infrastructure and helping the terrorist groups from Albania to infiltrate Kosovo. KLA and some U.S. senators that supported them, were financed from Albanian mafia, NATO was their air force. Serbia and their leaders were accused for war crimes against humanity and Serbia lost its province. War ended when NATO soldiers entered the Province under UN mandate as a peace keeping force.

Today, Israel is destroying a neighboring state, Israelis crossed the Lebanese border, their fighter jets are bombing Beirut creating humanitarian catastrophe and forcing thousands of refugees to flee the country and the whole world is watching, doing nothing to stop it.
There’s no food and no water and no escape since Israelis have destroyed their escape routes. Who can stop this? UN? US? So we have some very different views of justice for The Balkans and for Middle East. Justice works in funny ways. What is the definition of terror and who are the terrorists?
UN can’t stop this madness and that’s rather obvious, not if US doesn’t want it to happen and they don’t. G.W.Bush puts oil on fire and he would like to see Syria and Iran in this spreading conflict. Is this a part of United States’ war against terrorism? Does war against Syria and/or Iran comes next? Too many questions and I don’t know the answers, I’m just making wild guesses and maybe I’m too stupid to see the whole picture but I know that something is very wrong here…
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